Imersifi Demo.

Test drive Imersifi’s virtual reality by trying our 6DoF Demo App

Example Virtual Reality Training.

6DoF Demo

Download the Imersifi demo onto your own VR headset to test drive example, simple training scenarios. 

The application showcases how Imersifi embed learning content seamlessly with physics interactions, realistic environments and onboarding. All for standalone VR.

What's Included.

VR Onboarding & Physics Sandbox

A simple yet effective introduction to Virtual Reality and how to interact with objects. The physics sandbox gives you the freedom to try different interactions.

Example Dental Training

An example dental training scenario, guiding the user on how to perform a dental check-up.

Example Hospitality Training

An example hospitality training scenario, guiding the user on how to deliver an order to a customer and restock.

Free Download.

Available through the App Lab (Meta) and the Pico Enterprise Store

If you would like a version of the demo on the HTC platform, please contact us.

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