Healthcare Training.

We are revolutionising healthcare with innovative digital training.

Improve Patient Outcomes With

Immersive Learning.

Clinical competence degrades without frequent practical experience. Virtual Reality provides a new way to train clinicians, allowing them to practice anything without putting lives at stake. Training can take place anytime, anywhere and even be personalised.


Clinical Setting.

Trainees need to be fully immersed in a realistic and believable environment. We are leaders in realistic graphics that are optimised for performance on standalone devices. 

Whether your training requires a virtual hospital ward or a theatre, our team can take you there.

Physically Interact.

Trainees can physically interact with patients and equipment. We can simulate a standard procedure or an emergency situation, in either case the user can pick up and use equipment just as they normally would.

The Imersifi team can work with clinicians to understand the smallest of details which can be incorporated into the digital training.

Embedded Learning.

Our VR experts can develop training to maximise knowledge transfer.

Whether we create a linear flowing application or a full medical simulation, learning is embedded deep in the users’ experience. Virtual Reality introduces spatial awareness which is crucial for effective education.

Cutting-edge Avatars.

We use the latest motion capture technology to create authentic movements.

This is paired with photo-realistic 3D characters to enhance believability.

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