Soft Skills Training.

Upgrade your Soft Skills Training with Virtual Reality.

Enhancing Employee Engagement

Driving Behavioral Change.

Through interactive scenarios and role-playing exercises, participants are able to practice and improve their communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills in a realistic, yet safe environment. This approach allows for a deeper understanding and application of these essential skills, leading to lasting behavioural change.


Ultra-realistic Environments.

Employees need to be fully immersed in a realistic and believable environment. We are leaders in realistic graphics that are optimised for performance on standalone devices. 

Whether you’re practising your interview skills in a virtual office or refining your diversity and inclusivity knowledge on a shop floor – we have you covered.

Change Through Experience

Addressing Your Need.

Many employees enter the workplace without the necessary soft skills, such as effective communication, problem-solving, and collaboration, to retain customers or work well with their colleagues. This can be a major challenge for companies and can result in lost business and a negative work environment.

Virtual Reality (VR) technology offers an effective solution for companies to address this soft skills gap. By using VR, employees can engage in realistic, immersive experiences that allow them to practice and develop their soft skills in a safe and controlled environment.


More emotionally connected to content than classroom learners


More confident when discussing or acting on issues of diversity and inclusion


Faster completed learning when compared to traditional e-learning


More focused on the learning content compared to e-learning

Lifelike Virtual Avatars.

Realistic 3D characters are crucial for creating immersive and engaging VR training experiences. They can help users feel like they are truly interacting with another person, leading to better retention of information and a deeper understanding of the material being taught.

The Imersifi team have experience creating a range of fully motion-captured avatars for use within virtual reality.

Multilingual Learning.

Our VR experts can develop training that is accessible in a range of languages.

Using multiple languages can help to foster a more inclusive and diverse learning environment, promoting understanding and empathy among participants – as well as ensuring there are no barriers to training within your workforce.


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