Your partner for all things immersive.

Virtual Reality

Bespoke fully interactive experiences for your audience.

Augmented Reality

Project data and 3D objects into the real world.

Next Level Experiences

Virtual Reality Benefits.

Simulate the Impossible

Experience lifelike simulations without limits or danger.

Spatial Awareness

Understand the dimensionality of your surroundings and key training objects in 3D.

Repeat, Reinforce

Master the process and reinforce learning by repetition or iteration.


Reduce the need for real-world facilities and minimise the risk of injury.

Access On Demand

Available whenever or wherever is needed.

Increased Engagement

Immerse users in a fully digital environment, learning by action.

Leaders in

Bespoke Solutions.

Every application is created to specifically meet your business needs. We deliver the perfect blend of realism, physics based interactions and enhanced user experience.

The Imersifi Way.

Imersifi is the only masters level qualified immersive studio in Wales. Whether standalone or desktop powered, we can work to your personalised requirements.

Realistic & Performant Environments

Your users need to be fully immersed in a realistic and believable environment. We are leaders in realistic graphics that are optimised for performance.

Physics Based Interactions

We are experts in physics based interactions. Your users will be guided on how to interact with objects and will be impressed with how realistic it feels.

Embedded Learning

Within no time your users will be immersed in your learning content. We overcome technical challenges for you, making the user experience fluid and enforcing learning outcomes.