Imersifi and Swansea University Launches TouchFree AI Kiosk for Semiconductor Engagement

June 5, 2024

Imersifi and Swansea University Launches TouchFree AI Kiosk for Semiconductor Engagement

Imersifi, in collaboration with Swansea University, proudly announces the launch of a pioneering TouchFree AI Kiosk as part of the START SEMI project. This innovative kiosk offers a unique interactive experience by allowing users to engage with AI through voice commands. Users can speak directly to AI personas, Professor Chip and Professor Nano, to ask questions and learn about semiconductor technology.

The START SEMI project, funded by Innovate UK, aims to develop skills, talent, and re-education in the semiconductor industry. Swansea University are leading the project with Imersifi and CSConnected as industry partners, University of Leeds, University of Warwick are also academic partners. By integrating this advanced kiosk at CISM and local exhibits, the project enhances engagement and accessibility, providing a hands-on learning experience. The AI personas, Professor Chip and Professor Nano, are designed to answer a wide range of questions, making complex semiconductor concepts accessible and engaging for students, researchers, and industry professionals. The TouchFree hand tracking is powered by Ultraleap’s technology.

The interactive kiosk is complimented by a range of Virtual Reality applications that are already in use, as well as more upcoming. The most prominent VR experience is Sand to Semiconductor, this application is aimed at younger students and guides them through the complex processes of how Compound Semiconductors are created.

Imersifi’s Co-Founder, Joe Charman, stated, “Our TouchFree AI Kiosk represents a significant leap forward in interactive technology, enabling users to explore semiconductor concepts in an immersive and intuitive way. It’s fantastic to see people from all ages and backgrounds interacting with the virtual humans to dive into the world of semiconductors.”

Swansea University’s , Professor Owen Guy, added, “The Prof. Chip and Prof. Nano characters are a really fun way to engage and learn about semiconductors. Visitors to our new Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials (CISM) facility at Swansea can ask the AI systems anything about the exciting world of semiconductors, including how they are made and their applications. We hope to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers to look at careers in Wales’s rapidly growing semiconductor industry.”

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