Imersifi attends Laval Virtual 2023

April 21, 2023

Imersifi attends Laval Virtual 2023

We recently attended Laval Virtual , one of the world’s most impressive XR events with over 200 exhibitors. The conference was a great opportunity to explore the next generation of immersive technology.

During the event, we enjoyed a hands-on experience with the Lynx R1 headset and had a detailed chat with the Ultraleap team about the benefits of hand tracking as well as the current challenges that accompany this within the XR enterprise space.

We also checked out the latest PICO XR hardware launch, the PICO G3, and discussed the 6DoF enterprise training space with the team. It was fascinating to learn about how PICO is positioning itself to support both business and consumer content developers, as well as demonstrating some of the latest additions to their developer SDK.

The opportunity to demo the latest SenseGlove haptic glove solution alongside a short training experience gave a great insight into how haptics can be used to enhance training experiences and the progressions made in these types of solutions.

Additionally, we experienced a unique mixed-reality flight simulator from POLYAERO that utilized a Varjo headset and a live-linked physical cockpit. Demonstrating a new blended approach to flight simulation and was a good example of how the field could be elevated with XR technology.

We’re excited to see how these innovations will shape the future of immersive content and business.

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