Fire Extinguisher Training

Created For

Virtual Reality

Монтажная область 21 копия

Pico Neo 3

Fire Extinguisher Training

This VR Experience guides users through the basics of operating the most common types of fire extinguishers. All fires and extinguisher fluids are physically simulated for accuracy, coupled with realistic extinguisher interactions. Imersifi was subcontracted to create this experience to support a gap in hands-on training


  • Physics based interactions with extinguisher.
  • Realtime fire spread and flame reaction to fluids.
  • Simulation driven extinguishing particles.
  • Warehouse practice walkthrough for each fire class and extinguisher.
  • Office exam scenario with 3 bespoke fire types, and action feedback.
  • Voiceover to guide the user at each stage of the experience.

Project Videos.