Future of Flight

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Virtual Reality

Монтажная область 21 копия

Quest 2

Future of Flight

During flight passengers can immerse themselves in the Airbus-verse, a multiplayer VR environment to keep them entertained while flying. This metaverse will allow passengers to socialise with others who are onboard while remaining in the safety of their seat. Passengers can socialise, play games, relax or go shopping.

Imersifi’s submission won the HeroX – Airbus Challenge.


  • A powerful social application
    • Full peer to peer spatial voice chat
    • Walk around the 3D environment with others
    • Passenger can enter name, select colour as well as an accessory to wear
  • A calming relaxation zone ‘Airbus Relax’
  • A shop where passengers can pre-order from the destination airport duty-free.
  • A fun area for gaming ‘Airbus Arcade’ including basketball
  • A tourist information zone including data on the current flight as well as weather forecast for the destination, a 3D map and available excursions
  • A large globe is the centre point of the environment, showing the current aircraft’s position and flight path updating in real-time