Created For

Virtual Reality

Монтажная область 21 копия

Pico Neo 3, Quest 2


Created to inspire the next generation to pursue a career in STEM subjects, this VR experience guides a player through a clean room gowning experience followed by an introduction to the lithography process. With a focus on engagement, immersion and fun – the player is guided by a robot character and interactions are simple and intuitive.


  • Robot character guided experience with fun voiceover and animation.
  • Simplified and intuitive physics interactions.
  • Realistic environments, modelled on Swansea University’s facilities.
  • Gamified process, with mini game and background music.

Project Videos.

Solution In Action.

Working with PICO, this experience is now available on the official PICO store for anyone to download and use for free. Built to work with the PICO Neo 3 and PICO 4 headsets, with a one-click installation, the experience brings exposure to the semiconductor industry to large audiences. It allows schools or other organisations to embed this into workshops or teaching.