Water Treatment Lab

Created For

Virtual Reality

Монтажная область 21 копия

Pico 4, Quest 2

Water Treatment Lab

Developed for the Chemical Engineering department at Swansea University, this VR application guides students on the process of precipitation and flocculation. The application includes a Lab Induction, saving staff time and resource, Lecture Content and a Free Exploration mode.

The machine 3D model is a hand crafted replica of the one at Swansea University. The machine is fully simulated and interactable for enhanced immersion.


  • Fully hand crafted machine to replicate the real one
  • Virtual Lab Induction (including lab safety and operating the machine)
  • Visualised lecture content in 3D overlaid on the machine
  • Online data dashboard to view student VR sessions and performance
  • Bilingual (English, Welsh)