VR Hardware.

Imersifi Partner: RedboxVR

RedboxVR offer a range of virtual reality solutions for use within the commercial sector.

Virtual reality within the commercial sector is a new and exciting prospect which is constantly evolving.

RedboxVR offer a range of kits consisting of multiple virtual reality headsets alongside their controllers housed in a wheeled, highly protective charging case.

Example Configurations.

All configurations come complete with the required number of headsets and related accessories such as controllers. Each configuration includes robust storage with intelligent charging plus controller storage. The kit features a control tablet, intelligent charging and controller storage. Some kits  feature an integrated dual band WiFi router with 4G Sim card slot.

5 Headsets

10 Headsets

15 Headsets

30 Headsets

Imersifi are pleased to partner with RedboxVR to help us achieve high quality hardware delivery.