The Reality of Virtual Reality: 6 Important Considerations

Virtual reality (VR) has been the subject of much media hype in recent months. From social media influencers to Hollywood celebrities, it seems everyone is investing in and talking about virtual reality. But with so much attention on this technology, how can you make sense of all the noise and understand how VR might be […]

Time to Cut the Cord? Standalone VS Desktop VR

Virtual reality has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1950s. What started as a simple concept has grown into providing fully immersive experiences that can transport users to another world. While early VR was limited to bulky headsets connected to a powerful desktop computer, today’s standalone VR headsets can offer a […]

The Metaverse: Reality vs. Virtuality

The metaverse is the name for a shared virtual world, intended to be the embodiment of the internet. While it’s been around since 1992, when Neal Stephenson coined the word in his novel Snowcrash, recent advances in VR headset technology have moved us closer to realizing this concept. Now everyone from Meta (Facebook) to small […]

How to enable 16:9 aspect ratio recording on the Meta Quest 2 (2022)

Recording gameplay footage from your Meta Quest 2 is a great way to show off a VR project or share your experience with friends. By default, the headset records in a 1:1 aspect ratio (1024 x 1024 pixels), whilst this is okay for some use cases, a lot of the time footage in a 16:9 […]

Virtual Reality: The Training Ground of the Future

Virtual reality has been used for training since the early 1990s, when the technology was first developed. It has since been used for a variety of training applications, including military, medical and industrial. It is beneficial as it allows businesses to train employees in a realistic environment without the need for expensive, physical equipment or […]